We've been working hard lately to make Nymbol faster and more efficient. Today we've introduced some speed and reliability fixes that should really help move things along.

Asynchronous actions

We're doing more stuff asynchronously, so you don't have to wait for things like request-logging (whereby your users' visits to assets and resources are logged in our database) to complete before you get your data.

A database overhaul

As demand increases, we need to make our database structure more efficient. So we've cleaned house, combining several tables into one and massively reducing the number of queries we make. Although your data is cached, it means that first set of results comes even quicker.

One more thing

OK, so all that stuff's nice for developers, but where's the fun? Well, it might depend on what you think is fun, but we quite like the new thumbnail cropping tool we've built into the resource manager.

So now, instead of seeing a tiny representation of your assets and resources, you can make a thumbnail from existing resources by panning and zooming the image to fit a square. So when developers access resource thumbnails at 300 pixels or smaller, the thumbnail is returned; but you can still use our powerful image manipulation calls to generate larger images which use the full-size resource.

Give it a try

If you don't have a Nymbol account, and you'd like to see what a mobile CMS looks like when it's done right, sign up for free and try us out!

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