As we work closely with the content curators and designers that are helping to build great experiences with Nymbol, we find the site constantly evolves.

We've now got a swanky new homepage, a new look management area - which adapts to its users' screen sizes - and an incredibly powerful new feature: custom views.

When creating an app in Nymbol, developers would typically use the JSON or XML API to get data out, and display it to your users. Now, through custom views you can design rich HTML snippets - or entire pages - that pull in data from the API, and display them via a WebView.

Right now we're working with a team on a heritage app that's built entirely using custom views. We have a "shell" app that handles the native user interface (tabs, title bars, dialog boxes, etc), and calls the Nymbol API to request a custom view for each tab (or "page") within the app.

The engine behind custom views is incredibly powerful. You can display sections depending on what your content dictates, and show or hide elements depending on whether your user's on their iPad, their Nexus tablet or their Windows Phone.

Testing too, is simple. You can point your phone to a URL which updates when you change your views' code. You can add CSS and select from a list of JavaScript components to add even more functionality.

As a feature, custom views is only a couple of weeks old, but is already one of the most powerful tools in the Nymbol arsenal. It's still in early development, but if this sounds like something you'd find useful or you'd like to know more (whether you're a techie or someone with a great idea for an app), email to arrange a chat.

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