Error handling

If an error is thrown by the system, one of two things will happen:

  • In the case of client-side errors, which are due to malformed or invalid data, you'll receive a HTTP 400 error with an error object detailing the exception.
  • In the case of server-side errors, where something's gone wrong with the way we've processed your app's request, you'll receive an HTTP 500 error, and this may not be formatted in an acceptable way.

You can avoid 400 errors by performing client-side validation on data before passing it to the Nymbol API. 500 errors are logged by our tracker so we can investigate the issue, but note that it may be a temporary glitch rather than a major bug in the API.

If you or your users experience long-running 500 errors, your best bet is to contact us as it's better that we try and fix the issue for you, than raise it in the Q&A site and find a temporary work-around. (We're pretty good at responding to issues, and everything gets logged and investigated.)

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